Fancying the Dutch

Like it when the flowers are feeling warm and cozy as well…

Being a nerdy knitter – crashing a knitting festival

Fanø knitting festival is something to look forward to. The festival happens every second year and it is definitely something to travel for – if one is into knitting. The setting is a love Danish island – with great nature and cozy small villages. People are very friendly and it is very inspirational to meet and see so many talented knitters.

I did not attend any courses as I was busy hanging out with lovely friends, talking to other knitters, looking for inspirational things to spend my money on (bought square double pointed knitting needs – they are great) and taking long walks. There were a lot of really nice courses scheduled and next time the festival is to be (2011) – I will be sure to attend.

Courses and accommodation arranged by the festival is great value. The only trouble is that all courses 2009 were in Danish…..The traveling is really easy as one can fly, take a ferry or take the train directly to Esbjerg. From Esbjerg a nice little boat will take you to Fanø….and off you go with the bus or car preferably driving on the beach

News Flash: Princess Lea reveals her secret hobby: Jazz-ballet

I spotted this piece of yarn bombing in Copenhagen. It is really cold….so I guess princess Lea needed to warm up her legs.

Cool people who made this!

Copenhagen: Mozarts Plads…

Cool – knitting graffiti

Cool knitting graffiti spotted in Amsterdam.

All the good things knitting graffiti supports:

* Ensuring towns are soft, warm and fun places to be in

* It is reusable

* It takes control of the aesthetes without being intrusive

* Not expensive to remove (council can use the money on libraries…instead of removing painted tags)

* Of the moment (rain a couple of days and…)

I can only recommend reading “Yarn Bombing” by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain or watching this youtube video on the topic…

Sea urchin hat – Bobbles and Muskox wool…

This hat has fascinated me ever since I saw the #31 Bobbled Tam pattern by Cathy Carron in the Vogue Knitting Holiday issue of 2008. But I do have plenty of hats…and the yarn was not there……but than I was given some lovely left over Muskox wool from Greenland by a dear friend. When one is given something that nice – action has to be taken.

This is the result:

The bobbles are made with Drops Kid-silk colour 066031

Small warning – a lot additional sawing :)

Yarn bombing

The temp is below 0…so it is cold in Copenhagen.

The sign reads: Nose-warmers to the people – despite the law against wearing a mask…

Ready to use

Dreaming of a Mermaid

I think the Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg is a fantastic pattern, but I wanted to add my own details and I had a lot of Hanne Falkenberg yarn from a project that was never finished…

The flower is to add a bit of glamour and the Norwegian flower pattern for the cuff is one I have return to in several of my sweaters.

Joining the club – Variation on the Venezia Pullover

Knitting this sweater came as a surprise even to myself. When I first saw the Venezia Pullover pattern by Eunny Jang in the magazine Interweave Knits – Winter 2006. I was not tempted at all. Than one evening I was looking through my faves in Ravelry and guess what ?! I had faved the Venezia pattern twice – without noticing…. The trigger for me was that the pullover designs in Ravelry only used two colours. This I think makes the beautiful figurative pattern stand out.

Well having faved it twice in Ravelry had to be sign. I have really enjoyed knitting this sweater and I though that figurative pattern was really nice and easy to do.

The yarn I used for this version of the Venezia Pullover is Palino – soft merino wool Superwash from Hjertegarn. This is really nice yarn to knit with…But and there is a bit BUT the garment will grow after wash with this yarn – and blocking is not an option (so take this into consideration before starting out).

I have changed the neckline from the original pattern and waist is made by scaling down the needle size twice.

What knitting can do for women

YouTube – Pardon Me (I Didn\’t knit That for You)

New knitting book – worth checking out

Knitchicks Guide to Sweaters by Pauline Wall and Marcelle Karp – I am sure it will inspire me to a new sweater. Not that I need a new sweater…….. :) .

I know that one of the book’s authors has a lot to offer the knitting world. HURRAH for Pauline.